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One of the differentials of Engenho Caraçuípe is the centuries-old experience in sugarcane cultivation, coupled with innovative technologies, guaranteeing a process of quality and continuous improvement.

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With optimum maturation, harvested and manually selected, without burning, sugarcane is crushed within a maximum of twenty-four hours, using high efficiency mills in the extraction of the broth that is fed to the filtration system composed by rotary filter and decanter of passage. Thus, the broth is free from bagasse and other impurities detrimental to fermentation.

It is then adjusted to its optimum brix content (dilution with potable water) for a perfect fermentation.

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Differential Caraçuípe

Filtration set with innovative technology, guaranteeing a high quality broth

In the fermentation process the sugars from the broth are transformed into ethyl alcohol. This process is done with yeasts and natural substrates resulting in a high quality fermented (wine) must. Through advanced technological resources, with individual sensors and external cooling jacket, using closed cooling circuit, where the temperature is controlled within the desired levels for a balanced fermentation. Once the fermentation is complete, the wine is immediately taken to the decanting dornas, where the yeasts are separated and reused in the next fermentation. This stage guarantees a pure wine of high quality and unmistakable aromas, free of excesses of yeasts and particles of substrates that float during the fermentation. The fermentation room is exclusively accessible to the monitoring officer duly equipped with individual protection and hygiene equipment.

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Differential Caraçuípe

Individual dornas cooling system, through external shirts with water use in CLP controlled closed circuit.

Distillation made in copper stills with innovative temperature and pressure control system, allowing a control of the separation of distillate fractions: head, heart and tail. After discharging of the head and tail, the distillate of heart is conducted, to homogenization tanks and later for the aging, maturation in neutral woods and storage in reservoirs in stainless steel.

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Differential Caraçuípe

Copper stills with deflection system, heated by steam produced by boiler with temperature and pressure regulating valve.

The maturation in barrels of neutral wood results in a white cachaça, Caraçuípe Prata. Traditional Sliders, in addition to being matured in Jequitibá Rosa, receive a blend of cachaça stored in stainless steel tanks, while Escorrega Gold is aged in barrels of Jequitibá Vermelho.

Aging, in European oak barrels, harmonizes and balances different components such as aroma, color and flavor of Caraçuípe Ouro and Caraçuípe Extra Premium.

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Differential Caraçuípe

High quality storage / aging and aging containers, with periodic maintenance.

Our products undergo rigorous filtration systems with inert elements of high performance that guarantee the elimination of any existing particle in the product without compromising its original characteristics.

Differential Caraçuípe

Filter elements with advanced technologies of absolute microns.

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